WePlay is the 1st purposed develop playground in Malaysia that combines the element of risky play, loose play and WhyteHouse Creative Learning Program

Dear Parents,


Welcome to Malaysia’s first purpose-built, unrestricted playground. Spanning 9,000 square feet, this playground seamlessly combines the elements of risky play, loose play, and the WhyteHouse Creative Learning Programs, offering more than 3,000 materials to ignite our children’s curiosity and imagination.


WEPLAY is founded on two core values: RESILIENCE & CURIOUSITY.


To support RESILIENCE, we believe in allowing our children to face challenges, solve problems independently, and learn to identify and manage risks. At WEPLAY, our children immerse themselves in unrestricted play, enabling them to communicate, set their own goals, and establish their own “community rules.” This fosters meaningful connections with others while they explore themselves and the world around them.


Unrestricted play, complemented by elements of Loose Play and the WhyteHouse Creative Learning Program, aims to nurture our children’s innate sense of curiosity. Sustaining this curiosity equips their minds for lifelong learning. WEPLAY provides the ideal environment for developing imagination and creativity, integral components of CURIOSITY.


We encourage parents to observe, reflect, and play an indirect role during their children’s immersive playtime. This support empowers our children to strengthen their resilience and keep the flames of curiosity burning bright.


Thank you for choosing WEPLAY. We look forward to embarking on this incredible journey with you and your child.