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WhyteHouse started the publishing business by publishing the PLC Nursery Books in 2015. From then onwards, Whytehouse has been adding numerous title to our book publications.

WhyteHouse published 36 titles in the YOUNG SCIENTIST SERIES in 2018.

The Malaysia Book of Records

Most number of science books for children published in a single event 20 science books

The Key to Good Parent Child Relationship:


“Establishing clear and effective lines of communication from an early stage is the key.” The Key to Good Parent-Child Relationships: Communication book comprises simple and easy communication techniques to achieve good parent-child communication. Using the proven psychological method and positive reinforcement method are the remedy to everyday parent-child communication problems.

Baby Sensory Edition

Papa Mama and Me: Baby Sensory Edition book is a compilation of sensory activities for parents and caregivers to enhance newborn – 12 months old baby’s senses. This book is also published in four languages (English, Bahasa Melayu, Mandarin, and Tamil) with the collaboration between the Penang State Government (via the Office of YB Chong Eng) and WhyteHouse Education Group.