Humble Beginnings

As the saying goes ‘A journey of a thousand miles begins with a simple step’, the WhyteHouse journey began in 2009, sparked with a progressive idea and vision, unfamiliar to many a decade ago. The founders saw an opportunity and need for a transformation in early years education in the country and with just grit and a firm belief in their founding philosophy, a school was born.

The first school opened at Sungai Ara, Penang with only three students. Rates were premium at that time and the journey, arduous. Challenges were at times trying and unforgiving, but the founders took them all in stride and viewed them as steep learning curves. Armed with the love for children and their strong belief that change was necessary, they continued to persevere in their vocation.

The guiding principle of the school was and still is, to always place the well-being of the child first and foremost. The school believes that the significance of academic excellence is parallel to the development of a child’s self-perception and confidence, both of which are influenced by a child’s relationship with others. As such, the school has and continues to foster a life-giving culture where trusting relationships are formed among children and with their care-givers. Virtues are cultivated daily resulting to a positive learning environment, and care-givers strongly adhere to the belief that good behaviour and healthy communication are the foundations of a good start in a child’s life.

As the years went by, parents began to be more receptive of the principles embodied by the school and trusting relationships were also formed between care-givers and parents. Naturally, the student count multiplied astronomically and today, the WhyteHouse Education Group proudly boasts a total of 4 schools across the state. The school’s curriculum and teaching methodology has also evolved over time and will continue to be at par with educational reformations within and outside the country.