Terms And Conditions

Parents’ / Guardians’ Agreement

Submitting this application signifies agreement with the following

  1. The parents / guardians and student will abide by The Whyte House policies and procedures.
  2. The Whyte House has the right to keep all the information that parents / guardians submit with the application.
  3. Registration fee, Material fee and Monthly fee are to be paid fully upon registration.
  4. All fees are neither refundable nor transferable.
  5. Parents / guardians agree to pay 12 month school fees to The Whyte House. Fees must be paid in full regardless of attendance. Fees must be paid before 7th of the month.
  6. December school fee is to be paid full in the month of June.
  7. The parents / guardians agree to inform the school if any given information described in this application form changes.
  8. Parents / guardians understand that the school has taken every possible effort to ensure proper safety conditions and supervision. As such the school, and the teacher/s, coach/s, advisor/s will not accept legal responsibility for accidents or injuries.
  9. Children are not allowed to wear jewelry, bring excessive money or sharp objects to the kindergarten.
  10. Children are to attend classes in the designated uniform of the kindergarten.
  11. The kindergarten will be closed on :
    •  All government gazetted Public Holidays
    • Designated holiday as stated in our calendar
  12. Parents are advised to inform the management of any change of address, emergency telephone number, email etc.
  13. Parent must notify the management of all absences in terms of short illness or any other reason. There shall be no adjustment in fee for all absences.
  14. Parents or guardians are to pick up their child / children promptly at the end of the session.
  15. The management will only release the children to their parents or guardians. Parents or guardians must inform the management in advanced if the child is to be fetched by a different person.
  16. The kindergarten will only serve pork-free food.
  17. The management will do its best to ensure the well-being of each child. In case of accidents and injuries, the kindergarten shall not be held responsible.
  18. The management reserves the right to terminate a child’s enrollment at its discretion.
  19. The management reserves the right to make changes to the fees accordingly without advance notice.
  20. Pictures taken in school and during school events will be posted onto the school Facebook page.