Founder & Executive Director

Jery Yeoh

Founder and Executive Director

Jery Yeoh a graduate in Sociology and Anthropology from University Sains Malaysia, began his journey into the education field by chance a decade ago. He was invited by the National Association of Early Childhood Care and Education Malaysia (NAECCEM), a non-profit and non-governmental organisation acting in the interest of Malaysian children under the age of eight years old, to participate in a trip to China with a group of educators.


The trip was an eye-opener to Jery as he witnessed an impressive scale of advanced teaching practices, education philosophy, methodology and resources, all of which were unfamiliar to his native country. Although he was not involved in the education field at that time, Jery’s entrepreneurial instincts foretold the endless possibilities of reformation in early years education of the country. He saw the need for change and with a genuine love for children and his firm conviction that learning should be enjoyable, he took a leap of faith and brought the first WhyteHouse school into existence in the year 2009.


“When we returned home from that trip, we came up with the idea of opening our first school at Sungai Ara, Penang. We started out with just three students, and not only were the rates quite premium at that time, our whole concept of Early Years teaching was ahead of the current educational atmosphere. This was one of the expected challenges that we faced at the beginning, along with our founding philosophy not being fully understood. These factors made people unsure about how we ran our school, and whether or not to give it a chance. None the less we stuck with our guns, because we believed in what we were trying to achieve.”


The quote ‘Nothing worthwhile ever comes easy’ is one familiar to many of us and it rings true for most things in life. The journey, trials and tribulations that Jery turned into success stories drives and inspires him to propel forward and continue to make revolutionary changes in the Early Years education. To date he has published, under the WhyteHouse umbrella, the Formative Years Monthly Newsletter and the Young Scientist Series. He is also a Certified John Maxwell coach, teacher, trainer and speaker focusing on leadership, entrepreneurship, communication, early childhood management & programmes and parenting development. His speaking and training engagements are often in Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. He is also the team lead and concept owner of four successful Malaysian Record attempts, all of which are certified and endorsed by the Malaysian Book of Records. Jery is also an active member of the Board of Directors of the Penang Public Library Corporation and STEM Advisory Panel of Tech Dome Penang.