Tan Huey Miin


Ms Tan’s journey with WhyteHouse began soon after it was founded in the year 2009. She was formerly a piano teacher and owned a music school. It was by chance that she met the founder of WhyteHouse Education Group Jery Yeoh, when he walked into her school to enquire about a music programme. Since that fateful day, she has never looked back or regretted her decision to work along Jery to make WhyteHouse to what it is today.


Starting from scratch and without much knowledge of the Early Years academic at that time, Ms Tan together with Jery struggled to develop a programme suitable for the children of this country. None the less, they believed in their philosophy and knew what they wanted their school to be – a school where children were allowed to be children. As a mother herself, she understood the importance of growing up in a life-giving and healthy environment. She constantly worked at improving the curriculum of the school and believes in fostering a healthy culture among children and their care-givers.


Her journey was not smooth sailing. She struggled to find a balance between work and family and needless to say, there were many tears and sweat along the way but grit pushed her on. Today WhyteHouse has achieved a success beyond her imagination and she is thankful for the many ‘angels’ that have come her way. She is determined to continue in her vocation and belief in a holistic education for the children of the nation and will continue to provide quality education where children are happy to be in and parents are proud to be a part of.